Catharsis (Singles)

by Eternal Void

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released December 9, 2013



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Eternal Void Dayton, Ohio

Eternal Void is a four piece metal band from Dayton, Ohio with members Logan Adams, Evan Hilderbrandt, Cory May and Dylan Krebs.
Their latest release “Catharsis”,offers memorable songs; with heavy hitters such as “Erase The Sun” and “Defiance”, anthemic choruses in “Element”, “Let It Go”, “Paradigm”, and soul searching moments in “Virgil” and “Lie Awake”.
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Track Name: Defiance
I want you to feel my pain
I will not adore the possibility
of your triumph passing before my eyes
I will seize your opportunities
your assets, your livelihood
I will drop bombs and take what's mine
My Iris, dilates when I see you stumble
You forge your empire from sand
I hold no empathy for a coward not yet a man
Adrenaline surges and the true beast awakens
I want to see you fall
I want to see your end
Your castle burns
I leave my thoughts complacent
The veil of weakness traps your pride
Buried in the darkest shadows
Blindness corrupts, your vision
Retinal detachment seeks to paint your world blind
Then you weep
Left all your hope forsaken
Spineless hit and run
do you stand on your two feet
Devoid and lifeless
I watch your demise
The tear drops split your eyes just stay on your damn knees
The lack of all progress
leads you to the gallows
This last memento, this final breath
With no saviour
Do you feel my pain
Track Name: Breathe
This is the way, you reach absolute zero
You play the victim
In these depths you sink
Your senses ignite
The spark that lifts you
The catalyst defined
The thoughts that scathe my brain, that make my foot tap
A neural impulse, the temperature that chills you
You cling to the surface, the tears that bathe you
When you walk a thousand miles
Reach an infinite outlet
Entropy, advances logically
Yet never seeks you outwardly
Decays your life with time
Yet still you
Your senses ignite
The spark that lifts you
The catalyst defined
Defining forces collide in your memory
Suffocate on your own words
White lies open your eyes when you see me
Devastation, it locks in your mind
Your lungs collapse under weight of vindication
The body reacts and fights the situation
Free your mind, let the pressure take hold
I never want to see you breathe
Restart the way, to never look back at possibilities
Open your mind
And hope to receive all the blessings
Your life is the only deception
Ability the only exception
The plot in you
White lies open your eyes, and you still see me
It takes the blame, just like I warned you
The velvet rope digs in your throat
Constantly in place, the way I told you
Against your strife it holds control
Struggle to be free, your spirit wakes you
Transcend into admission taken by woe
You live these lies when all my life
I’ve chosen to be the one that sets you free